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Mentor West Hungary Zrt. is a 100% Hungarian-owned joint-stock company, whose shares are owned by professionals and experts with great experience and professional recognition. Each branch of business is led by an expert with decades of professional experience and up-to-date high-level knowledge. 

Our work is characterized by professionalism in the best sense.

The Mentor West Hungary Zrt. Üzletviteli Centrum serves the unity, activity and quality of service of the business branches. This gives a kind of framework  to the operation of all business branches.


Our services

business consulting
Legal representation, mentor program


Without claiming to be complete - keeping in mind the discretion expected of our partners - we work with, among others, the following clients:
Hungarian State Opera House
Alfa Unitrend Invest Kft.
Human resources
Support Manager

In complexity
we are thinking

We are convinced that we can effectively meet your needs if we are able to provide a complex service from one source.

That is why all our business branches are managed by highly experienced professionals, and we offer you our diversified operating system in a coordinated manner.

Our view of the partnership:

"A trustworthy man is respected even by his enemies."

Vass Albert

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