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Our experts are ready to help you with all legal questions. 

Signing a Contract


Economic and corporate law, labor law

Company foundation, tdrafting of public contracts, full administration of enforcement proceedings, any kind of relevant legal advice and/or representation for businesses and individuals.


Real estate law

You can turn to us for the most complex real estate matters, starting with the preparation of simple sales and purchase contracts. We help you with legal representation or support your case with advice.

Businessmen on Staircase
Business Partners at Work


Administrative and tax law

Representation of a review related to a public administrative decision, providing any kind of tax advice, tax-related legal representation. We treat it complexly.


Criminal law

We provide legal representation in criminal proceedings of any kind. You have the right to professional representation. Live with it!

Image by Sebastian Pichler
In Negotiation


Other legal representation, advice

We undertake your legal representation in all other private matters. Whether you need help with civil litigation, criminal proceedings, or just advice. You can count on us at every stage!

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